5 Must- Follow Tips To Choose A Fertility Clinic In Australia 

Nowadays a lot of females have been suffering from infertility problems due to various reasons. This very issue keeps them away from becoming a mother unless treated. So it becomes evident to find an IVF specialist to take care of the cause.  

There are many IVF specialists and clinics in Australia but finding one with the right mentor, doctor, team, and technology is the key factor. Therefore, you will have to do your homework before picking up one randomly. As every woman would like to opt out for the one who would vouch for the highest success rate.  

Dr. Joseph Sgroi is an obstetrician Epworth, gynaecologist and an IVF specialist in Australia who, due to his caring and informed approach, has a great success rate in dealing with infertility issues. His patients are not only satisfied with the treatments but also with the ways of consultations. 

However, there are certain things which must be considered while choosing a fertility clinic East Melbourne, such as: 

Do the Homework 

Always do your research and make a list of at least 3 IVF clinics beforehand. You can ask your friends or relatives for referrals. But there are few government sites as well which share the data regarding the subject matter and the latest updates on the treatments as well as their respective success rates. Such things help a lot in decision making.


Every woman has its own set of limitations and preferences, therefore, you must consider those as well while looking for a fertility specialist or an IVF clinic in Australia. You need to rank your brainstormed list of specialists on the basis of success rate, location, affordability, gender, and language, to name a few.

Latest Technology

Fertility clinics which are able to do PGS (Preimplantation genetic screening), freezing of embryos as well as eSet could be a good option. The thing to consider here is, latest technology and the way it is being used, play a key role in determining the correlation between the success rate and the good practices in Australia. For instance, if a specialist is transferring embryo at a 2.5 rate having up to 40% of success rate ends up being twins then he is not into the best practices with respect to the selection of the embryos. Hence, it is always good to ask about the latest technology and the success rate from the shortlisted IVF specialists in Australia.

Working Hours

Fertility clinics in Australia have specific timing, most of them are open during the weekdays as well as for a little while during the weekends while there could also be others which are open for 7 days a week. While deciding upon yours, you have to decide for yourself if you want someone with a personalised approach or standard one. If you want your IVF clinic to attend you at the convenience of your availability during the weekdays as well as want them to be available on the weekend especially when you are undergoing a treatment then choose accordingly.

Stressed Free Treatment & Services

It has been observed that when people get into the fertility treatments then their stress levels play a key role in determining the success rate of the treatment. Considering this, you should also check if your chosen clinic is offering consultation services as well as additional facilities to calm yourself down such as fertility yoga, acupuncture, and access to nutritionist or support groups. These facilities when combining together with the treatment play a very vital role.

Service by the Doctor

Apart from finding a reputable doctor, it is also very important to check out his behavioural references, he should be the one who answers each and every relevant question of yours and should have good treatment and bedside manners. Nowadays, almost every IVF clinic has identified that how important service is for them; hence, focusing on patients one-on-one interactions a lot. 

Dr. Joseph Sgroi is renowned among his patients for his effective consultation sessions as well his grip over the treatments knowledge and the way he makes his patients understand the whole medical term like it’s a household thing. It is safe to say that, if you are into making a quick decision then Dr. Joseph is the man.  

The Photo Shoot Of Our Dreams.  

There is nothing parents cherish more than every moment of their child’s life. From the minute the baby is born, every single moment shared with their children is special and memorable, be it mundane or not. The most special of these moments, however, can arguably be said to be when the child is newly born. Those special early moments can never be matched by anything, as nothing else can compare to the joy and wonderment felt at holding your child in those early days. The thing about those early moments, however, is that they pass by only too fast. Before we know it our baby has grown up! Growth is really the fastest during this period, and we can see our child change before our very eyes. While the growth is beautiful, it also signals that we can never again return to the period where everything was still fresh and new. We always think back fondly to this period, but only some us ever truly make the time memorable ages to come. To have our most vulnerable moments with our children be preserved forever, newborn photography can be the solution. Here are three reasons why you should have your newborn photographed.  

  1. A photograph truly does speak a thousand words. Nothing can capture our precious moments as precisely and beautifully as a set of photographs; and what moments can be more precious than that of our child’s earliest times? Newborns grow and change in the blink of an eye, and before we know it, the most vulnerable period of not only our child’s, but our life is also over. A set of professionally taken photographs can be the perfect way to preserve this time for us to cherish forever. In addition to this, once they have grown up, the children themselves can look at the photographs. Looking at old photographs is always a great thing to do for bonding with the family, and looking at newborn pictures can be especially special, as the innocence and vulnerability of these moments cannot be paralleled.  
  2. What many parents may rightfully fear when hiring an individual for newborn photography is that their baby may either be mishandled, or can make a fuss and ruin the shoot and thus lead to wasted money. Such a disappointment can, however, be avoided if we hire professionals who know exactly how to handle the child and capture the best possible moments in your life, as comfortably as possible. One such individual can be Siobhan Wolff, who specialises in newborn, maternity, and baby photography in Melbourne. The newborn photography Melbourne can be tailored to yours and your baby’s needs – from a mini shoot to a four hour long shoot, you can have it all! Photographs taken using the highest camera quality can turn out to be the most classic and timeless of your collection.  
  3. Many of us have seen those beautiful baby pictures on the internet, with the newborns sleeping like perfect little angels. Investing in newborn photography means that it can be our baby too! The shoots can be personalised and designed just as we want them. From colour schemes to props and to positions, it can all be planned beforehand to make sure that you and your child have the most memorable pictures ever. Pictures taken ourselves, while still memorable, can often turn out sloppy. With a professional photographer, you can be sure that every shot will be worth it and every moment with your child will be captured in all its beauty and innocence.

A session of newborn photography can be just what new parents need to begin getting used to the life of parenthood and can be the perfect way for all parents, new or old, to cherish and love their new bundles of joy. Those who are already parents know that whether it’s your first time or even your third, the first few weeks with the newest member of the family are always the ones which impact us the most. With a seasoned photographer like Siobhan Wolff, you can be sure that you will not only get the most beautiful solo shots of your child, but also wonderful pictures with yourself and the whole family. You can contact Siobhan Wolff to make a booking online and prepare for your dream photo shoot today.