Hire An Agency To Get It Right

When you are looking to market your business online, there are several ways you can go about this, learning on your feet as you go along or employing the help of professionals to make sure you get it right the first time. You don’t want to invest money into a bottomless pit of self-help tutorials, working your ways through the rights and wrongs. This will take up time, which would be better spent in the actual core of your business. Rather get someone or some company in this field to do it for you. It will require some cash outlay, but it will really help you going forward. 

The right fit for you 

There are hundreds if not thousands of cases where a good social media management agency catapulted a business from good to great. Companies have thanked their lucky stars time and time again that they made the right investment in one at the right time. It’s not just about employing a digital marketing company to do the work, handing over the job and then waiting for them to complete it. Yes, there are elements of this, but it’s also about forming a relationship with them over time, suggesting and insisting on certain elements along the way. 


Agencies are always particularly proud of the awards they have won over a long or short period of time. When researching which one to hire, you would do well to look at what accolades they have collected over time. There are some pretty big prizes out there. For instance, the Loeries and the Bookmark awards are major players in the country of South Africa. Australia also deals out gongs and trophies when the awards season rolls around. So, yes, to reiterate, dig deep into your homework and see who has won awards – so maybe they can win one for you and your company too one day. 

Word of mouth 

You can tell a lot about an agency based on what others have to say about their experience of that agency. If it is good news that is being spread, then great, use their services too. If it is average news, well, then, do a bit more due diligence to find out information of your own. If it is bad stories that are being relayed, then you can stay well away and instead pursue other options for the betterment of your investment and the future of your business. 


As stated before, you would do well to form a really good ongoing relationship with the agency. Don’t have it as a once off thing, where the next time you see them might be never. Instead, meet with them relatively regularly, asking them to give you an update on how they are doing with your projects at hand. If they are ahead of schedule, you will now. If they are behind, you will know too. The important thing is to make sure that the lines of communication are as open as possible at all times in the future. 


Ways to Secure Your Website

Cybercrime is on the rise. There have been numerous hackings of prominent websites in the news in recent times that should worry all website owners. Fortunately, there are several ways to secure your website from hackers and malicious software. If you follow the below suggestions, your website will be quite secure against malicious hackers:

Update Software

This is a rather simple step to take to secure your website. When you use various plugins and add-ons on your site, make sure you keep these tools updated. Software developers don’t make major announcements when there’s a vulnerability in their programs. Rather, they prefer to quietly issue patches for exploits. So, keeping all your web tools updated is a must. Enable automatic updates if possible. This may not be possible in some cases. So it’s best to join RSS feeds for CMS platforms which announce security issues so you can get your software updated on time.

Purchase a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate

A Secure Sockets Layer, or an SSL certificate, is a protocol that secures the data that goes in and out of your site. A protocol is a way to describe how an algorithm should be used. An SSL security protocol establishes an encrypted link between a browser and the server. So sensitive information, like credit card numbers, can be transmitted between the server and your website via the browser securely. Hackers cannot obtain and view this data. This security protocol is essential if your website engages in online transactions of any kind. Also, showing this certificate will indicate to users that they are using the authentic version of the site, and not a mirror version that tricks clients.

Use Parameter Queries

Using parameterised queries can protect your site from malicious SQL injections. An SQL injection is a form of a cyber attack where a hacker can gain access to your site. They can do this by manipulating a URL parameter, online form, or a database. Scripts like Transact SQL are so standard, it’s very easy for hackers to corrupt it with rogue code. When you use parameterised queries, this risk is greatly minimised.

Avoid Descriptive Error Messages

Don’t go out of your way to provide technical information in your error messages. Too much information can indicate to hackers how your code works and possibly lead to exposing a serious security vulnerability. Users must be informed of what’s wrong if an error message shows up, but keep this message very simple and detail free. Keep the detailed reports in your server logs so you can view the messages later and provide updates if needed.

Validate Data on Both Ends

Make sure data validation is done on both server and browser ends. Most browsers nowadays can catch small issues like empty fields. However, a skilled hacker can take advantage of these small issues to insert malware code into your website. So data validation on two fronts is absolutely necessary to keep your site secure.

Use Complex Passwords

This is a very simple step you can take to make your site secure. Always use complex passwords that are hard to guess. You can use a random letter or number generator to come up with a unique password a hacker will never be able to guess.

It’s important to note that your site cannot be kept completely secure. However, if you implement the above suggestions, the risk of hacking will be reduced as close to zero as possible.

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